Grant Wilson Joins Exante Data, Inc.

2019-07-11 11:14 출처: Exante Data

NEW YORK--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 07월 11일 -- Exante Data announced that Grant Wilson has joined the team as Head of Asia Pacific. Grant is based in Sydney, and will be expanding our footprint in the region, and contributing to our Global Flow Analytics platform.

Grant has charted an impressive and unique path over the past 20 years, in real money (Bankers Trust Australia), sovereign wealth (GIC, where he was Global Head of FX/Macro) and within macro hedge funds. He worked as a PM at Moore Capital and subsequently founded Civic Capital, a research-intensive hedge fund, which he successfully ran in New York from 2010.

“Grant is very smart and extremely energetic. He knows the industry and how it’s adopting to new technology very well” said Jens Nordvig, Founder & CEO at Exante Data. President and Head of Research, Ankit Sahni said “Grant brings a unique set of skills to Exante -- a detailed understanding of macro markets, an ability to analyze complex data, as well as deep relationships across the globe. We are confident he will help the firm continue to grow.”

Grant’s first research project is on Aussie flows, specifically the pension fund sector. “Jens and the team have made remarkable progress in building Global Flow Analytics," he said. “I’m excited to join - it’s the right time to build presence in the Asia Pacific.”

About Exante Data

Founded in 2016, Exante Data delivers proprietary data and innovative analytical solutions to professional investors globally. Exante Data uses a data-based approach to provide insights into future macro dynamics. Exante Data’s Global Flow Analytics platform has already become a market leading tool to extract market signals from capital flow analysis.

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