Gemtech Targets the Asian Market with Its Medical Devices and Coating and Plating, and Special Spray Products

2019-07-16 13:10 출처: Gemtech Co., Ltd.

CHANGWON--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 07월 16일 -- Gemtech Co., Ltd. is enhancing its R&D and marketing capability to expand the business into the Asian market with its medical devices, coating and plating facility, and special spray products.

Gemtech is focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality products from medical devices including low-frequency therapeutic units, therapeutic ultrasound units, phototherapy units, and devices for rehabilitation; electrophoretic, particulate, and shot coating facilities; to ceramic, lubricating, and Teflon coating systems.

Gemtech’s flagship products include Tea Tree 10 Spotcare made of tea tree oil, cotton swab lip tint and remover, GT-K100 massage machine for gonarthritis, small-sized low-frequency stimulator PULSE EGG SR-50, TENS menstrual pain reliever, and high-frequency thermography unit SIRIUS.

Founded in January 1996, Gemtech established its own research institute and selected as one of the promising small and medium enterprises. Under the management philosophy of “we produce the best quality products, keeping in mind that our family members use the product we produced,” the company is focused on achieving goals including 100 percent customer approval rating, zero defection, building the best quality assurance system, and globalizing its brand. Approved by FDA and certified according to ISO 14001, the company’s various products are known for excellent technology and exported to Japan. Currently, Gemtech is committed to expanding its business into the global market.

Gemtech Technology Institute is accelerating its R&D to boost human health by improving the quality of life through new technology and products in the medical device industry.

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